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our dedicated team ensures the highest quality of service in every project we undertake

Our customer service is top shelf. We take the highest amount of pride in providing you with a seamless experience as your trusted tree service company in Helena. We understand that making the decision to remove a tree can be challenging and are happy to provide an on site consultation completely free of charge so that you can have our input on the subject. Likewise, we see it as a privilege to come to your home or place of business to evaluate the health of your trees and potentially develop a “treetment” plan to make sure they stay healthy and continue to look beautiful.

Our tree care experts have years of experience taking care of trees, plants, and bushes and love making our beautiful Helena trees look great for residents and visitors to our town.

We are really, really good at what we do. While you may be able to take out a chainsaw and cut that tree down yourself, it may not end up as clean as it would be had you hired an expert like us. We take pride in ensuring that your outdoor space is left clean and without damage. Many of our customers worry that their lawn will be damaged by our tree and stump removal process but the truth is your lawn will remain healthy. While there may be some cosmetic faults for a brief time, it sure beats the idea of having that ugly tree or stump sticking out of the ground for years to come!

Helena, MT Tree Service, Removal, and Maintenance

Keeping your outdoor space vibrant, healthy, and pleasing to the eye is exactly what we do at Helena Tree Services! Our tree care company is locally owned and operated and is the renowned and leading tree service company in Helena, Montana. We have been providing professional tree services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, and emergency hazard tree removal for quite some time and take great pride in our work. We have well trained and certified arborists who have complete know how and expert skills for all tree services and care. We provide a highly skilled caliber of work at affordable prices, assuring your guaranteed satisfaction so that we can work together for years to come! Our outdoor services include a variety of tasks related to care and maintenance of trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. These services are used to enhance the scenery of your landscape, protect and promote tree growth, or act as a preventive measure for the health of your grounds. Regular tree services by our company will promote your tree health, protect your home, and promote safety for you and your family. We are a trusted provider of professional tree services for the past several years in and around Helena, MT and can be reached by phone or online at any time!
we take immense pride in our unparalleled workmanship and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction
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The following section provides an overview of the types of services we provide and how they may work for you. Please give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs, as well as provide a complimentary visit to your property for a detailed estimate!

Tree Removal

Did a recent storm make a mess of your outdoor space? Do you have an annoying tree that takes hours of work to keep your yard clean? Whether born out of necessity or convenience, tree removal is an important part of making your outdoor space look and feel exactly how you want it. While possible to remove a tree on your own, we strongly recommend you hire a professional tree removal company as it can be a very dangerous task. Our tree cutting service in Helena completely removes the tree down to a stump, starting from the top and working our way down. The trunk of the tree is then cut into manageable pieces and all branches and debris are removed or chipped, leaving your space looking cleaner than when we started! We have a lot of experience removing trees of all types throughout Helena and will take great pride in making your outdoor space exactly how you want it!

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree pruning or trimming improves the scenic beauty of your property or landscape. Our tree pruning service includes removing infected, dead or broken limbs and branches by cutting them away which also improves the future growing capabilities of the trees and shrubs. We also remove any potential safety hazards caused by dead branches. Tree trimming is cutting away the extra or overgrown branches to maintain the clean and design look. Trimming helps to increase sufficient light and moisture to reach the landscape. Due to our always changing Montana climate, we recommend that most trees be pruned and trimmed at least once in a year to keep them as healthy as possible. We love nothing more than making your trees and plants look amazing, grow healthy, and extend their life span!

Shrub, Brush Trimming and Pruning

Shrub trimming involves removing branches of shrubs that are overgrown in size. This helps to maintain the design and appearance of the shrubs. The frequency, timing, and amount of trimming depends upon the type of the shrub, one’s personal preferences, and the landscape. The best time to prune and trim a flowering shrub is after they bloom. Plants that flower in summer flowering need to be pruned in winter or early spring. Nonflowering plants need pruning when there is new growth. Shrub trimming makes the shrub look healthy and it promotes new growth. It also helps to keep pests and insects away. We have a team of experts with years of experience in making your shrubs aesthetically pleasing and in line with the theme of your property!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding serves multiple purposes and is as exactly as cool as it sounds! Exposed stumps can be a tripping hazard and are also a huge pain to mow around which is more than enough of a reason for removal. Basically, we have a heavy piece of machinery with a steel cutting wheel that is rotated over the trunk to cut and grind it down to nothing. In a matter of minutes, that dead stump on your property can be out of your way for good! While the stump removal process does not remove all of the roots and trunk below the ground, the tree will naturally decay and will eventually die for good. To speed this process up we can take extra measures to cut the roots away from the remaining trunk. After the stump grinding is complete, the tree trunk may still be somewhat visible at ground level. We will try to dig around the trunk and cut it as low as possible to prevent seeing it at ground level. After the stump is removed, be ready to clean the debris and fill the hole with topsoil so that grass seed can be planted and the stump can be hidden from site once and for all. If you would like us to finish the job for you we are more than happy to!
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Create safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for your home

Emergency Hazard Tree Removal

Hazardous trees can be extremely dangerous and should not be cut or removed without the skill set of professionals. Our hazard tree removal service safely and effectively removes a damaged tree immediately after it falls, preventing any further damage or discomfort to you and your property. Emergency tree removal services may be needed when the trees are damaged by a storm or when a broken tree or branch causes a potential threat to property or life. Trees are also removed on an emergency basis as a preventive measure before an expected storm. Whether a tree has fallen near a power line or is simply impeding your free movement we strongly recommend that it be taken care of as soon as possible.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing prevent any risk from the structural failure of a tree as opposed to the internal health issues we addressed above. Structure failures include poor branching, a cracked or split trunk, or the decay of the rooting system. Common defects include co-dominant unions, cracks, or cavities. These types of structural failures can cause the tree or branch to abruptly fall down, crashing on anything underneath it. To prevent this from happening, our team of experts can install cables and bracing rods in the trees to offer support and redistribute the load of weight which maximizes the tree’s chances of safe survival.
  • Cabling prevents the failure of weak areas of the trees when they are hit by high force winds.
  • Bracing is done by supporting the weight of the stressed parts using steel rods at predetermined positions in the tree, holding the trunks or branches that have weak bonding between them.

Forest Fire Cleanup

Being in Montana, we are no strangers to the devastating effects of wildfires. Our wildfire protection services are suitable for homeowners who have a potential threat from wildfires. Our services are primarily focused on prevention of wildfire damage to your property, although we also provide cleanup services after a wildfire has passed.

Land Clearing and Thinning

Do you have a cluttered section of ground that is impeding on your ability to maximize the space? Land Clearing and thinning is the process of removing trees, tree stumps, bushes, large stones, and other objects to improve the land. Clearing or thinning the land area is carried out for agricultural or construction based reasons, while also meant for improving the environment or the aesthetic look of the landscape. Our land clearing service routinely improves the aesthetic look of properties and increases their utilization and monetary value. Clearing or thinning a land opens up new areas to grow grass, create walkways, and get more sunlight. It also allows the remaining outdoor life to grow larger, stronger and healthier. This is hard work, but we are proud to do it!

Tree Care, Maintenance, Health, and Fertilization

A tree with discolored leaves or dead branches and excessive leaf drop indicates its poor health and demands more care. Our tree care and tree fertilization plans include routine monitoring, preventive treatment, and sufficient nourishment of the trees. Protection of trees includes spraying of dormant oil, insecticide, and fungicide on trees and shrubs. It prevents trees and shrubs from the attack of insects and diseases. Fertilizers add essential nutrients to the soil and enhance the root systems to absorb water and minerals better. The granular fertilizers used for small plants and shrubs help then to grow healthy and look green.

​Insect and Disease Control

While we are all about removing eyesores and hazardous trees, we are also experts in preserving unhealthy trees! A tree has to balance environmental stress from the improper quantity of water, light, and nutrients. These stresses will make the tree weak and vulnerable to insects and disease attacks. Insect and disease control includes regular monitoring by our qualified professionals. We do this by thoroughly examining your trees to identify issues and root causes. Once identified, we will come up with a treatment plan and initiate preventive methods to protect the trees from insects and diseases. The insect and disease control service is especially needed when there is a large amount of deadwood, decay or open holes in the trees. An attack by insects, mites and visual diseases, or growing of mushrooms on the roots or trunk indicate the trees are affected. Treating affected trees includes injections, chemical sprays, and manual control methods. These methods control the spread of insects or diseases and reduce the damage caused by them, keeping your property as healthy as it can be.

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