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Insect and Disease Damage Prevention for Trees

While we are all about removing eyesores and hazardous trees, we are also experts in preserving unhealthy trees! A tree has to balance environmental stress from the improper quantity of water, light, and nutrients. These stresses will make the tree weak and vulnerable to insects and disease attacks. Insect and disease control includes regular monitoring by our qualified professionals. We do this by thoroughly examining your trees to identify issues and root causes. Once identified, we will come up with a treatment plan and initiate preventive methods to protect the trees from insects and diseases. The insect and disease control service is especially needed when there is a large amount of deadwood, decay or open holes in the trees. An attack by insects, mites and visual diseases, or growing of mushrooms on the roots or trunk indicate the trees are affected. Treating affected trees includes injections, chemical sprays, and manual control methods. These methods control the spread of insects or diseases and reduce the damage caused by them, keeping your property as healthy as it can be. Insects and pests can destroy trees, shrubs, and bushes in no time. Preventative measures and eradication can prevent this from happening.