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Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump grinding serves multiple purposes and is as exactly as cool as it sounds! Exposed stumps can be a tripping hazard and are also a huge pain to mow around which is more than enough of a reason for removal. Basically, we have a heavy piece of machinery with a steel cutting wheel that is rotated over the trunk to cut and grind it down to nothing. In a matter of minutes, that eye sore on your property can be out of your way for good! While the stump cutting process does not remove all of the roots and trunk below the ground, the tree will naturally decay and will eventually die for good. To speed this process up we can take extra measures to cut the roots away from the remaining trunk. After the grinding is complete, the trunk may still be somewhat visible at ground level. We will try to dig around the trunk and cut it as low as possible to prevent seeing it at ground level. After the stump is removed, be ready to clean the debris and fill the hole with topsoil so that grass seed can be planted and the stump can be hidden from site once and for all. If you would like us to finish the job for you we are more than happy to!