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Tree Support Using Cables and Braces

Tree cabling and bracing prevent any risk from the structural failure of a tree as opposed to the internal health issues we addressed above. Structure failures include poor branching, a cracked or split trunk, or the decay of the rooting system. Common defects include co-dominant unions, cracks, or cavities. These types of structural failures can cause the tree or branch to abruptly fall down, crashing on anything underneath it. To prevent this from happening, our team of experts can install cables and bracing rods in the trees to offer support and redistribute the load of weight which maximizes the tree’s chances of safe survival.
Cabling prevents the failure of weak areas of the trees when they are hit by high force winds.
Bracing is done by supporting the weight of the stressed parts using steel rods at predetermined positions in the tree, holding the trunks or branches that have weak bonding between them. Many cracked trees can be saved with the proper support. Let us take a look at your tree to give you an idea of what we can do to help.