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Tree Cutting and Removal

No Job Too Big or Too Small
Tree removal services in Helena, MT helps your outdoor space look and feel right. Our professional team members are experts at safely and effectively cutting a tree down so that it does not fall in an unsafe area that can cause damage to your property. Our experience and technique in removing a tree is why you should consider hiring a professional rather than attempting to cut down a tree on your own. In some occasions we may be able to simply cut a tree down from the bottom and then cut it up into segments which can be used for firewood or hauled away from your property. Under other circumstances, a large tree cannot fall without causing damage to your home or property which is why we recommend one of our crew members expertly remove the limbs of the tree and eventually cutting the tree down starting at the top and working downwards. Each section of tree will fall safely to the ground without causing harm to your property. Once cut down to a stump, we are able to implement our tree removal process and clean up the space so that you are not left with a mess to clean up. After this process is complete you will be left with a choice of whether to leave the stump exposed or getting rid of the stump. Once again, we at Helena Tree Services have the equipment and expertise to cut and grind an exposed stump so that your grounds are left looking so much cleaner than when we began!

Competitive Pricing
Our tree removal services are competitively priced for the area and it is our goal to always provide more value to you than the money you pay to us. While tree services can vary in price significantly depending on the size of the tree and the difficulty of the job, we strongly encourage you to call us and schedule a free estimate so that you can properly budget for tree removal in Helena. The quality of our work is superb and we are more than confident that you will feel the same way!